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You know you want to talk to me about everything, but let's focus on goals. Just that simple. I have solutions and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I help people realize their goals. Progression is the obsession. Check out this blog post on tips for financing your next vacation:

Subject: Tips for financing your next vacation

You can go on a vacation without going into debt if you plan for it. Firstly, be realistic about what type of vacation you can afford. And secondly, you need to start saving for it now. Follow these tips to succeed with your no-credit vacation planning.

· Set Your Budget – Before you even start planning, the first thing you have to do is figure out what you can realistically save until your vacation date to pay for the vacation. If the vacation costs $5000, you’ll have to put away 417 dollars a month for 12 months to do it without using credit.

· Set Your Vacation Date – Set the date that you can go on vacation because that will be the time you have to save and prepare. Include the dates you have to start paying for things, so you have plenty of time to plan and save.

· Choose Your Location – As you choose where you want to go, pick a location that works for your timeframe and schedule. You’ll want to avoid areas with inclement weather, crowds, or high-cost tourist traps if you want to have fun and save money.

· Start Saving with Every Paycheck – Now that you have a budget and a timeline to pay for the vacation, start putting aside the money you need to for each due date. Just use your standard bank account or savings account, so that it’s easy to access the money when you need it.

· Get a Side Gig – If you need extra money to fund the vacation you want because you cannot save enough with your typical income, start brainstorming ideas. For example, it’s easy to drive for a rideshare company or deliver food for people to earn extra money.

· Check Card, Club, and Member Discounts – Don’t forget to look at what you already have in terms of cards, club memberships, and so forth to help you get discounts for your vacation. It’s okay to put it on a card if you’re paying it off right away to get the points.

The best vacations aren’t about being surrounded by expensive luxuries. It’s about getting a rest from your day-to-day work life so you can spend quality time with your family and friends. If you keep that at the top of your mind, you’ll be sure to plan a fantastic vacation that doesn’t set you back financially at all.

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